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Our Story

Where did your PPP money go? Farris put their loan and talents to use by developing a new custom machine that can produce 10,000 BFE99 certified, disposable masks in 8 hours. 


When the demand for capital equipment dropped due to the economic downturn in 2020, Farris needed to pivot their core business in order to retain their talented employees. They asked themselves, "Why can’t the US produce disposable masks locally instead of importing a vast majority of them from overseas?"


Farris found that by utilizing aggressive automation principals and equipment, they can meet or even beat the price of overseas suppliers.  With the combination of internal talents, company investments, and the PPP loan funds, they designed and built a custom machine in two months. 

In 2021, Farris plans to replicate the PPP machine into four highly automated face mask machines that will run lights out with 100% quality control inspection and robotic packaging. This line will be able to produce over 28 million masks per year at the same price of masks imported from China. 

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Why Farris Medical Assembly


Committed to designing custom equipment and systems that produce quality products.


Engineer and build equipment, systems, and products with safety at the forefront.

Made in the USA

Our equipment, systems, and products are engineered, manufactured, and sold in the USA.


Committed to process improvement and efficiency to maximize quality while minimizing costs.

About Farris Medical Assembly

Founded in 2020, Farris Medical Assembly is an affiliate of Farris Automated Systems, a process improvement company that custom builds

assembly equipment and fully integrated systems. For over 15 
years, our team has been designing systems to improve the safety, profitability, and efficiency of our client's manufacturing operations in a variety of industries (i.e. auto, medical, retail, etc.) 

Farris Medical Assembly custom builds our manufacturing equipment to ensure quality and to competitively price our products. All manufacturing, assembly, quality control, and distribution is based in the United States of America. 

Farris Medical Assembly is on a mission to provide quality American-made products. Our disposable 3-layer face masks are our flagship product.  We believe people should have access to safe, effective, quality products from a local manufacturer in the United States that they can trust and purchase from at a fair price.

Computer Robot

Our Process

Engineering Sketch

Engineer, Design, & Prototype

Design and prototype the custom equipment and/or integrated systems. 

Fabric Machinery in Factory

Build & Test

Build, program, and test the equipment and/or integrated systems.


Manufacture & Sell

Manufacture face masks and other products with our custom machinery.

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