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Contract Assembly of Medical Products

Farris Medical Assembly specializes in contract assembly of important medical components.  If you are a manufacturer struggling to keep your high end automated machines running, Farris Medical Assembly can contract with you to design, build, maintain and produce your components under your strict requirements.

Does your manufacturing floor struggle with any of these issues?​

  • Difficulty maintaining high-end quality control equipment. 

  • Batch variation that causes long changeovers and downtime due to vision or QC measurements.

  • FDA database storage and documentation reports of individual components.

  • Exposure to new operator mistakes that can cause high scrap rates.

  • Difficulty retaining or finding talented automation technicians that can keep your machines running.

  • Expensive process improvement changes or upgrades.

If so, Farris Medical Assembly can help you by:

  • Contracting your machine, maintenance, and assembly costs on an all-in per part pricing. We take care of all assembly, maintenance, set up and repair labor. Repair parts will be your only external expense.

  • Change your high technical, fixed labor overhead into a variable expense.

  • Contracting cleanroom space, if required, so you can avoid expanding your existing facilities for one or two products.  Cleanroom levels vary based on demand.

  • Ensure that quality control measures are always properly calibrated to your customers' requirements and bad parts are quarantined.

  • Management of your required databases and reports.

  • Ability to view the real-time production and inventory numbers of our machines.


Contact Us with Your Custom Assembly Needs

Start the conversaion with our experts and let's discuss your custom assembly and manufacturing needs..

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