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American Made Face Masks

About Our Face Masks

Assembled with care and quality checked in the United States, our disposable face masks are comfortable, breathable, and reliable. Our BFE99 certified, disposable  face masks feature: 

3-Layers of protection

Adjustable wire nosepiece

Elastic ear loops

Single-use, disposable convenience


Our face masks are intended to cover the individual's nose and mouth, providing a three-dimensional breathing space protected by a physical barrier.  These masks are not intended for medical use and are not proven to reduce the transmission of disease.  

Our face masks are suitable for personal and business. Online ordering coming soon!


BFE 99%

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) is a measurement of a respirator material's resistance to bacteria penetration.  BFE tests are performed to determine the filtration efficiency of masks. Our BFE99 masks are certified by independent third-party labs.

BFE 99%

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency

3-Layers of Protection

We make our 3-layer face masks with the highest-quality materials available and continuously verify that quality after assembly. Our face masks include 3-layers of protection to make your breathing safer and fresher.

Inner Layer

The Inner Layer is made of non-woven spun-bound polypropylene,  which makes the inside super soft, skin-friendly,  and comfortable to wear.

Filter Layer:

The Filter Layer is made of non-woven melt-blown polypropylene, which provides high-quality filtering and serves as a barrier to harmful particles. 

Outer Layer 

The Outer Layer consists of non-woven spun-bound polypropylene, which facilitates moisture absorption.

All three layers help filter and absorb harmful particles, dust, and bacteria between you and your environment.  


Face Mask Sizing

Our disposable 3-layer face masks come in one size and fit most adults. The face mask measures 6.75 inches wide by 3.75 inches tall with an adjustable nosepiece.


 To mold the shape of the mask to fit your nose, you can adjust the nosepiece. The adjustable nosepiece helps secure the mask.


Our Mask Process

Import Quality Materials

Our materials are sourced from around the globe and are tested for quality in the USA.

Made in the USA

Our custom machinery enables us to manufacture in the USA at a competitive price while ensuring quality.

Ship to You

Order online and your order will be shipped from Wales, Wisconsin.

How to Wear Your Face Mask

Step 1

 Wash your hands before touching your mask. 

Step 2

Stretch the mask and pull ear loops over the ears.

Step 3

Place fingertips around nosepiece. Press inwards as you move your fingertips down to mold the shape.

Step 4

Pull the mask to your chin to cover your face and create a three-dimensional breathing space. 

Purchase Made in USA Face Masks

Our face masks are manufactured in the USA with imported materials. 



Farris Medical Assembly custom builds manufacturing equipment to ensure quality and to competitively price our products and masks. All manufacturing, assembly, quality control, and distribution is based in the United States of America. 

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